28.02.2019 blog

Preserving Wooden Heritage. Methods for monitoring and maintaining timber architecture.

Studying the past, the ancient and historical architecture has always represented theoretical and practical process of knowledge for understanding our architectural and environmental identity. The main reason has always been the need to get information from our ancestors about the specific background of a place, deepening styles, constructive solutions, traditions and better consciousness about the unsolved problems in order to operate in the present state in harmony with the existing reality.
07.02.2019 blog

Can measures of students’ sweating in the classroom help teachers to enhance learning?

Sweat can be produced psychologically due to mental states and emotions. Currently available activity-tracker wristbands can measure some of our physiological responses, including sweat. In the classroom, these wristbands could find applications to enhance learning.
08.02.2018 blog

Let technology make your irrational life more sustainable

Tomorrow, contrary to initial plans, only brought more delays. I had planned to do more, but wasn't able to for one reason or another. I ended up spending more time on one task than I should have. Now, many tasks are behind schedule and the approaching deadline is a bit too soon. If only there was a system to track and remind us of our own plans which we sometimes fail to meet! Sound familiar? A trivial example, perhaps but a pointer to the most basic of problems that technology can help us to address if only it is designed right.