05.12.2017 blog

The Grand Slush

Slush 2017. A few princes are coming to check out the buzz. The event has so many participants that a Finn appreciating his minimum 4 square-meter personal space will suffer as it gets totally violated in the crowd. I heard that it took over an hour to queue for the cloakroom after the afterparty last year. Some people seem to be a little bit too proud that they visited the event last year.
23.11.2017 blog

How to hack a lecture

Tellus organizes events. Lots of events. And if you are organizing an event you often hope there are actually participants there. So, we market our events to reach students and others. We have a few tricks up our sleeves for that. This is a story of one of them.
27.10.2017 blog

The consequences of a chain of yes

Yes, yes always wins. A reduced ability to say “no” can be a strength. Yes, a word as simple as “yes” may take you to places. “Yes” is a symbol of accepting an opportunity. Therefore, be a Yes Man or a Yes Woman. Here’s one example of a chain of yes and the consequences that followed.
22.06.2017 blog

Oulu 5G Hackathon through the eyes of technically challenged guy

“Oh yeah, my phone is using 4G” is turning into “oh no, it’s on 4G now”. What? The last time I was buying a brand new mobile phone subscription the salesman was hyping about the awesome 4G or LTE. Even though we are still using it, it will slowly lose its glamour. Why? Because of this new 5G-thingy that will turn 4G into the “3G of the future”; the sign on your screen that wipes away the smile from your face (lots of Gs around here).