I was very confused when my wife that I married 11 years ago told me she needed a divorce simply because she fell in love with a guy she met in the bank. She took all her belongings and left my house even when I pleaded with her not to go but she insisted and left. It wasn’t easy at all for me because I was in pain and couldn’t go to work or even eat, i did a lot of research on the internet when I came across some beautiful testimony people shared about Dr. Ken so I quickly contacted him and told him my story I never knew Dr. Ken could be so nice, he told me that my wife will come back to me within 4 days and everything happened just as he said and then I concluded that I have found a God on Earth and I will continue to testify about him till Christ comes. Here is Dr. Ken contact details Email address;  drkenlovespell@gmail.com Whatsapp number; +1(201)992 1012..