Introducing Finance Master Programme


Oulu Business School MF programMy name is Andrew Conlin and I am the coordinator for the International Master’s Program in Finance (MF) here at Oulu Business School. This short blog entry is directed towards those who are contemplating applying to the program for studies starting in autumn, 2013. So this is just a quick “who?” “what?” and “why?” of the MF program.

The “who” of the program is you: someone with a deep interest in, or maybe already working in, finance and financial markets. You have, or can quickly pick up, the mathematical skills necessary to complete the program. You aren’t afraid of a tough course schedule, and you are looking forward to working with other international students.

What is the program? It’s a two-year program that gives you the knowledge and develops your skill set, preparing you for a career in finance. The coursework covers theory, practice and topical issues in finance. Throughout the courses you develop the quantitative skills required of a finance professional. You will display your acquired knowledge and skills in your thesis work – the proof of your ability to conduct independent research.

Why study finance? I can provide two quick reasons to study finance. One, it’s a great field. It’s dynamic and it impacts the world in many ways. Simply put, finance is fascinating. The other reason to study finance is the professional opportunities. Some of you may have the goal of becoming a portfolio manager when you apply to our program. That’s a great goal, but a finance degree also opens many other doors: investment banking, compliance, consulting, law enforcement. The quantitative analysis and critical thinking skills you develop here are applicable to so many careers.

That’s the who, what, and why, of the MF program. The other parts are easy: “where?” is here in Oulu and its beautiful environment. The “when?” is NOW, and the “how?” is here. Best of luck with your application!

Andrew Conlin, MF Coordinator

Last updated: 21.10.2015