Introducing Full-time MBA Programme


As the International full-time MBA programme director I’d like to shortly introduce what MBA programme here at the University of Oulu and Oulu Business School represents.

Our International Full-time MBA programme can be regarded as a classic full-time MBA in its structure, with wide business content following the guidelines of international accreditations and more than 500 contact hours packed in one study-year. There are, however, clear distinctive features that bring certain character into the programme.

Firstly, the slogan “for Technology-driven Business” is directed into the content via the most distinctive feature: Project Work process which takes students in small groups to work on an assignment to real-life businesses. The groups work on their assignment for the whole study-year and present their findings at the end of each semester. There is a monthly review process embedded to the process. In 2011-2012 the target companies were chosen from mobile application industry and for 2012-2013 intake the students have been working for companies representing medical technology industry. This MBA Project Work process has been highly regarded by the MBA students but also by the target companies.

Other distinctive features of Oulu Business School MBA include MBA mentoring, extensive university student community and the content in Technology Management.

MBA Mentoring brings full-time MBA students into mentoring relationship with Business School’s Executive MBA students or eMBA alumni. This eMBA programme has a long history at the University of Oulu being established already in 1989. For MBA mentoring purposes this brings available a large roster of alumni and executive connections to choose from to match the wishes of mentor profiles and career development needs of full-time MBA students. Additionally, some full-time MBA courses are integrated into Executive MBA programme to enable international students’ correspondence with local corporate representatives.

Oulu Business School, being part of the University of Oulu of some 16000 students, and one of its six faculties brings together international students of a wide variety of academic disciplines. The student community is clearly different from, say, stand alone business schools where the whole student community is business students. This variety is an asset in many ways.

Also stemming from the large university context it is possible for Oulu Business School to exploit different faculties’ expertise in MBA content, and Oulu being a highly technology-oriented city it is quite evident that technology management is brought in the programme content from the Faculty of Technology.

If you are looking for an MBA programme with comprehensive content and also distinct character I suggest you have a closer look at

Antti Kauppila, Programme Director

Last updated: 25.2.2013

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