Alumni story - Alumna of the year 2011

A former student of Oulu Business School, Tiina Koskela, was awarded alumna of the year by student organization Finanssi ry in 2011. Tiina graduated in 1999 with a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration majoring in Marketing. “When I graduated from High School, I had two dreams to be an expert in the field of business and economics or a Doctor. Two very different fields. So I decided to apply for University of Oulu because it offered a wide range of study opportunities”

Tiina got a study place and began her studies in business and economics in 1993. “When I started studying marketing, I found out that this was the field I would want to study and work in.”

After graduation she worked a year and a half in sales and marketing in Oulu and then moved to Manchester, England where she stayed for the next six years and worked as a Marketing Manager. “My job in England was very wide-ranging: own department which included planning, budgeting, marketing, campaigning, co-operation with advertising agencies and printing offices, branding, events, exhibitions and etcetera.  After six years in England, I returned back to Finland and Oulu in 2007 and began my work in newspaper Kaleva also as a Marketing Manager.”

Tiina received a letter after returning to Oulu from Oulu Business School concerning alumni affairs and inviting to alumni opening event. “I have good memories about studying in Oulu and it was pleasant to be contacted by Oulu Business School asking to participate in alumni network”, states Tiina. She also hopes that there would be more get-togethers in which would be possible to meet old acquaintances and also to network with new persons.

Tiina is the first alumni member of the Teaching and Learning Development Team of the Department of Marketing. The idea is that she brings working life’s perspective to the educational planning. Tiina says that “it is nice to share my experiences and insights and it has been rewarding to meet students and staff of the department.”

Furthermore, Tiina believes that the degree can act as a stepping stone for a successful career. ”A Masters’ degree in Economics and Business Administration is a good and appreciated education with good employment prospects regardless of which major subject one might have. Employers think highly of work experience and a degree of higher education.”

Tiina Koskela
Marketing Manager, Newspaper Kaleva Oy

Last updated: 21.10.2015

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