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When I found out that I was accepted to International Master’s Programme in International Business Management  at Oulu Business School I was looking forward to come to Finland and anticipated new experiences. And I was not disappointed.  Of course I had certain expectations and plans for my stay in foreign country, but I did not expect the whole variety of activities and events Oulu Business School, City of Oulu and Finland altogether have to offer.

 A great surprise for me was how different Finnish education system is, from what I was used to. Even though I read a lot about it before coming here, I was still amazed how much freedom it gives to students: you can plan time and intensity of your studies individually, you may double major or simply attend courses of your interest outside of your degree, you may even choose the most suitable exam date for you. And those are just few examples, but I find it very convenient for Business Majors in particular, as this individual approach allows students not only manage their time effectively but also learn to be disciplined. 

Master’s Programme in International Business Management combines theoretical and practical courses in itself, which allows students to work individually and in groups, depending on the course. Individual and group works revolve around current business environment in Finland and the rest of the world, and are based on real case companies, involve local businesses and professionals. Faculty staff is very amiable and helpful; the whole student-professor communication is quite casual, which makes it easier for students to approach lecturers and seek assistance. Most of the faculty staff has visiting hours, during which students can come and discuss personal study issues.

University itself provides literally everything one need for productive studies and social life. Huge libraries with decent service, several computer laboratories on campus, faculty guild rooms for rest, university restaurants, and sports facilities nearby allow you to spend the whole day around university while being engaged in several activities easily. Anyone can find social and sports activities or events to their taste around here – lots of clubs and societies supported and lead by student union and the whole student body is full of active people who make the stay in Oulu interesting.

Oulu Business School is organizing different events for its students and actively promotes other interesting events that students can take a part in. During my 1st year in Master’s I took part in Mentoring  Programm, organized for Master’s Degree students, so they can get career guidance from Oulu Business School Alumni. That is generally a very interesting experience and very valuable for career planning after graduation. I also got involved with Oulu Student Entrepreneurship Society (OuluSES), which organizes events to encourage students’ entrepreneurial skills development. I took part in several events that OuluSES held as a participant (RailsGirls, Start-Up Challenge), but also help to organize those events myself.

I must say that even though my primary goal to come to Oulu was the studies at International Master’s Programme in International Business Management, the environment at Oulu Business School, University and Oulu city enabled me to experience much more than just studies. I have enough free time for social activities and sports and there are lots of opportunities to fill your free time with, have fun and even learn something new.

Olena Gulko, Ukraine
Student in International Business

Last updated: 28.3.2013

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