Graduation Event in December

On 12th of December 2013 took place the Graduation ceremony organized by Oulu Business School and the student organization Finanssi Ry for all of the Oulu Business School’s graduates from the fall semester 2013, and I was proudly present as one of them. The event was cozy and nicely organized; a string quartet livened up the ceremony where speeches, toasting for graduates and general socializing were part of the program. The graduates were joined by family and close friends to share with them the accomplished goal.

One of the speeches was from Vesa Puhakka, now head of the Department of Management and International Business who encouraged us towards a promising future after successfully completed Master studies from an accredited Business School; his and the rest of the words given, recognized student’s effort along the two years of discipline and hard work that now represent an opportunity but at the same time a commitment with the society.  

Besides of being a nice event, for me the ceremony symbolized the end of a two years journey, a journey that was way more than theoretical lessons, writing papers and a challenging Master Thesis, my journey included uncountable experiences and learnings from everyday I lived in Finland. When I arrived to the event I was naturally happy, but along the speeches many memories were coming to my mind and that was the moment when I realized the meaning of such day, still very happy but also with mixed feelings. It was like a movie in my mind, memories from the first day at university when meeting my classmates from different cultures, then attending lessons, working in team projects, participating in social events, and the endless stories lived outside university that also constitute important part of my days, as experiencing northern lights, lots of snow, reindeers and the Finnish culture … the time flew so fast that I can hardly believe I spent two years in the programme until the point that I saw myself shaking hands when being acknowledged as graduated student, one more stage of my life came to the end. I’m thankful with my professors and the staff of my faculty because I know that my professional skills were upgraded with a Master’s Degree, but above all I’m deeply thankful because this experience actually upgraded all aspects in my life; I officially earned a Master’s Degree, but the learnings, satisfactions, friends, laughs, challenges, memories, even tears and all the backstage stories that are not stated in any official paper definitely upgraded me as well.  

I’m sure each graduate has their own story in mind while recalling Master´s studies, and that’s why I started the blog with that quote, because we met on Dec 12th to make it official, but only each one of us knows the stories behind to make it happen. Congratulations to all graduate students and hope that international students coming to Finland can make the most of this experience.

Nelly Hernandez, OBS graduate 2013 (International Business and Management Programme)


Last updated: 31.1.2014

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