Students, graduates, alumni

All students receive the alumni pin of the University of Oulu upon graduation. Graduation makes you a member of the UO alumni community spread all over the world: 16 000 graduates with a Bachelor’s degree, 38 000 graduates with a Master’s degree and 5000 graduates with a Licenciate or Doctoral degree.

The University wants to maintain a lifelong relationship with alumni. To stay connected with the University and fellow alumni, we invite all graduates and students close to graduation to join the University of Oulu Alumni Network ( Six thousand UO alumni have already registered. 

Students can connect with alumni in many ways throughout the studies.  Attending the OBS Mentoring Programme brings you together with an experienced alumna or alumnus and you get to ponder on your choices, study path and career plans. During career days, you get to hear career stories and good advice from former OBS students. Many OBS students and recent alumni also attend the Alumni Ambassador Programme volunteering on a range of activities spreading their University of Oulu experience to applicants and new students and connecting with other alumni. 

And it all starts with students: once students, alumni forever.

This being said, the Alumni Relations of the University of Oulu warmly welcome all students to join the annual University day alumni celebration on May 12 at noon in Saalasti Hall.

Karoliina Kekki
Alumni Coordinator


Last updated: 14.4.2014

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