MBA Student Story

It was summer 2012 when the idea of participating in a MBA program first crossed my mind. I was working at a German steel company at that point. In September that same year I could experience first contact with the Oulu Business School – for the sake of formality in the beginning, but it became clear rapidly that the professionalism of this university did leave an impression. It was only one Skype call with the MBA program director and two dreams about Finland later when I was sure that the year 2013 has to be spent in Oulu. I made all the necessary preparations of quitting my job, selling my car, signing a tenancy agreement with the local student housing organization PSOAS and making sure that the University had all the necessary documents from me.

One could imagine the excitement the last days in Germany. On the third of January I was escorted to the airport by mom, my brother, my sister-in-law as well as my long time best friend. As much as I dislike long goodbyes, it was even more difficult knowing my next year’s wardrobe being packed into two suitcases and the only contact with friends and family to take place via Skype or SMS. I was wearing my arctic winter jacket I had especially bought for Finland. It was a very warm 6 hours flight when I finally reached Oulu airport. Being a fan of cold weather I was kind of surprised that I was walking outside the airport, wearing a warm sweater, scarf, an arctic jacket as well as gloves, and I noticed that it was just slightly above 0 degrees in January.

The following week on Monday I participated in my first course Management Accounting. Due to joining the MBA program in between semesters I was the new guy. Still, it only took me the day before I found myself in a friendly and welcoming MBA family and on the weekend we had already discovered Oulu together. The MBA at the Oulu Business School contains a great number of interesting and highly sophisticated courses. Over the whole time of the program the students are participating in a project work, bringing them closer to business life through working with companies on their current problems and projects directly. Additionally, OBS makes sure that every student has the chance to participate within a mentoring program, which will open diverse opportunities after the end of the course. The MBA program is therefore combining theoretical and practical experience and helps the students to identify and enhance their strengths and thus discuss possible prospects for the future. In addition, there are many business events taking place in Oulu, during which current students will not only be around Alumni but also get in touch with managers of Oulu-based companies in order to grow their network and to ‘talk business’. All MBA participants coming to Oulu to push their career with a well balanced academic – business proportion will not be disappointed. If taking the initiative, everybody will be facing a lot of interesting situations every day, have a great time in Oulu and participate in a very well-respected AASCB accredited program.

Finland with all its aspects has impressed me so many times that it was very difficult for me to step away from this beautiful place. Due to the fact that this MBA program is a solid foundation for future managing positions, working opportunities will open up not only in Finland but also in all other European countries. Having found a nice job back in my home country, I know that I will always have this unbelievable experience, the MBA from Oulu Business School, in my memories.

Sebastian Mohr, Germany
Oulu Business School

Last updated: 21.10.2015

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