Introducing Master's Programme in Marketing

My name is Waqar Nadeem and I am the coordinator for the International Master’s Programme in Marketing (MM) at Oulu Business School.  Why should I choose to study the Marketing programme at Oulu Business School? This might be the most important question that you might ponder upon.

What if I tell you that, the Master’s Programme in Marketing (MM) enables you to develop expertise in the fundamentals of marketing, customer relationship management, campaign design, and branding. You will get familiarized in servitization, strategic marketing practice, organizational buying behavior, consumer behavior, supply chain management, and digital marketing within global markets.

To be more specific, studying marketing at Oulu Business School will open many doors in your career path, as marketing serves as an integral part of any company/organization. The diverse knowledge gained while studying marketing will enable you to have good command over various themes, whether it is advertising, digital marketing, integrated marketing communications, business to business marketing including many others.
Isn’t that cool?

To be even cooler, this marketing programme is offered in the Capital of Northern Scandinavia in an AACSB accredited institution/business school (OBS).  AACSB Accreditation is one of the most significant achievements in the history of Oulu Business School. Only some 5 % of the world's business schools have fulfilled the AACSB quality standards, and Oulu Business School at the University of Oulu is now one of only five AACSB accredited business schools in the Nordic countries.

Therefore, do not miss this super cool opportunity of studying at an internationally recognized institution and excelling in the field of marketing. You will experience a truly multicultural and international environment at our school. What else you can ask for, so let this journey begin by applying to the marketing programme, now!

With all the best wishes.

Waqar Nadeem
Program Coordinator, Marketing.


Last updated: 3.10.2015

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