I, Abdul Kareem Mohamed Ashraf passed the public defense of doctoral dissertation on 17th Dec 2014 at Oulu Business School (OBS) department of marketing. The cross-functional interaction between OBS staff and me were very cooperative and positive and my supervisors’ encouraging words kept my momentum high.  The doctoral studies not only enriched my intellectual experience and wisdom, but also enhanced my emotional wisdom, too.

My study explores the cross-functional conflicts in new product launches in the context of food industry, with particular focus to fast moving consumer goods setting. The purpose of the study is to develop an empirically grounded model of cross-functional conflicts in new product launches for the food industry. The theoretical approach taken in my study from the theory and resources based view followed by literature. Based on these, a theoretical framework was developed. It makes conflicts enablers, cross-functional conflicts and new product launches explicit for analysis.

The empirical part of this study includes a qualitative single case study with embedded units of analysis. In terms of research data, the study was geographically and culturally focused on Saudi Arabia. The research data was collected primarily through interviews from selected informants of the case company, and persons from two strategic partners and two competitors.  The data that was gathered was then analyzed on the theoretical framework. As a result of the data analysis, the cross-functional conflicts were categorized under task and relationship conflicts. The role of marketing resources in cross-functional were found to be more complex than what had been reported in their earlier research.  The results of the data analysis were used to revise the models of cross-functional conflicts in the new product launches. In summary, the research provides several theoretical contributions and managerial implications in cross-functional conflicts in new product launches.

After passing the defense I wrote an article to 18th McGill International Entrepreneurship conference 2015 at UAEU (United Arab Emirates University) , which has been accepted by the UAEU. I will continue  write articles to reputed journals.

Doctoral graduate

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