In autumn 2014 a very interesting opportunity presented itself, when Oulu Business School was invited to join a delegation travelling to Moscow in October.

Oulu Business School is internationalizing strongly, and so our mission and profile of an international, multidisciplinary and research based business school with a global mindset took me on a journey to Moscow.

Different organisations from Oulu were widely represented, as the delegation included people from the City of Oulu and BusinessOulu, Oulu Chamber of Commerce, the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences, as well as various companies in different fields. There is a lot of expertise on e.g. construction and environmental technologies and other industries available in the Oulu region, which is a solid bedrock for international cooperation.

In addition to the high level seminar by the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce – “Finnish Business in Moscow” – with its 300 participants, the programme included a series of networking events and individual meetings. The events  attracted a large number of participants from Moscow, and interestingly for Oulu Business School, several educational institutions were present.

A joint effort of this kind can at best lead to synergies and opportunities that would otherwise not have been encountered. Even with all the modern technological applications and interfaces allowing distance communication, there is still a call for face-to-face meetings. For Oulu Business School, the trip started a dialogue on future collaboration, and eventually led to exciting new exchange opportunities for students and faculty from both countries – surely one of the most motivating hands-on benefits a business school can offer its students.

Petri Sahlström
Dean, Oulu Business School

Addition: University of Oulu established two new exchange contracts during this trip to Moscow, with Moscow International Higher Business School and with Moscow Financial University.












Last updated: 3.10.2015

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