What will Will Smith say to business leaders?

NBF. Another three letter-abbreviation which is used like everybody knows it. Even though most people don't. They are left feeling puzzled and wondering what is it this time that they are supposed to know even though they don't.

Let me enlighten those who don't know. NBF stands for Nordic Business Forum which stands for an awesome business conference organized in Helsinki on 2nd and 3rd of October. It's one of the biggest in Europe with approximately 7500 participants and it gathers CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives from various countries together.

These people are a community that reaches for the common goal. Nordic Business Forum aims to build leaders who change the world. These inspired and equipped business leaders are the single most effective way in which the whole society can be affected.

The speakers that equip this community are intriguing and they come from various industries. What will Will Smith say about the theme "Purpose and success"? Yep, the Will Smith from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that is nowadays an icon for so many different reasons. And how does Sir Richard Branson see leadership? He is the founder of a leading international investment group, Virgin Group, that is, for example, organizing the first commercial space trip.  Buy your tickets to the conference and learn from them!

Did you get them? I know you didn't. They are all sold out even though the "cheapest" ticket cost 1290 euros. For 2990 euros you would have been able to access First Class lounge, meet & greet Will Smith and sit in the front rows (do they also charge a price for the front rows in the University of Oulu lecture halls since they are often empty). But the combination of these prices and the fact that NBF is sold out tell something about how valuable this event is to its participants.

Even though NBF is sold out and physically out of your reach, we have a solution for you. Go to huuto.net or some other online auction and try to get your hands to one of the few tickets available. That's actually a horrible option since people are hunting for those tickets. But we do have an even better option for you. Attend our free of charge Nordic Business Forum 2017 live stream in Tellus Stage!

This live streaming event in Tellus Stage will naturally take place on 2nd and 3rd of October as well. It is open for everyone, totally free of charge and you don't need to worry about any registration. Open means also that you can follow the whole program (visible in the Facebook event details) or just stop by between lectures or work to check out the keynote you don't want to miss. Nobody will eyeball you even if you stay only for a while. By joining our live stream you are able to witness awesome keynotes that are maybe the biggest reason conference participants pay at least 1290 euros to attend.

Popcorns not included. Nor meet & greet with Will Smith. But I think we have softer chairs to sit on. And no fee for the front row.


Atte Räinä
Tellus Team 
The author believes in a theory that the IMDB rating of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is way too low. Camoon, 7.9?

Last updated: 28.9.2017

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