Science Day of Kontinkangas campus

Tiistai, helmikuu 23, 2021

18th Science Day of the Campus of Kontinkangas will take place on Tuesday 23rd February, 2021

The theme of the Science Day is “Viruses affecting health and research”. Viruses are naturally influencing our health at the moment drastically and lot of research efforts, also at our university, have been directed towards understanding and alleviating the effects of the current pandemic. Viruses are fascinating and not always harmful as they can be used also as important research tools and in developing cures towards multiple diseases - including virus infections themselves.

We are privileged to have speakers addressing multiple aspects of viruses ranging from historical perspective on pandemics, to significance in clinics and to the molecular level details of the viruses.  

Please follow the event webpage here.

Lari Lehtiö
Chair of the organizing committee
Science Day of the Kontinkangas Campus 

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