Future Goals

We aim to keep obtaining high-resolution structural data from various myelin proteins and their complexes, and by combining the structures with a panel of complementary experiments, we will obtain detailed information on structure–function relationships in myelin proteins. This information can be used to understand myelin protein function in normal and diseased myelin. Some of the currently interesting structures include full-length CNPase, myelin integral membrane proteins, myelin cell adhesion and signalling molecules, and the disease-linked peripheral nervous system myelin protein periaxin.

We will also use some of the myelin proteins as general models for protein–membrane interactions. Detailed analyses of protein and membrane structure and dynamics will be carried out. The results will not only be relevant to myelination, but also to peripheral membrane protein function in general. Some myelin proteins will also be used for studies on protein intrinsic disorder and conformational changes taking place upon membrane binding.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 28.10.2016