Selected Publications

Myllykoski M, Baumgärtel P, Kursula P. Conformations of peptides derived from myelin-specific proteins in membrane-mimetic conditions probed by synchrotron radiation CD spectroscopy. Amino Acids 42:1467-1474, 2012.

Myllykoski M, Raasakka A, Han H, Kursula P. Myelin 2´,3´-cyclic nucleotide 3´-phosphodiesterase: Active-site ligand binding and molecular conformation. PLoS One 7:e32336, 2012.

Ignatev A, Bhargav SP, Vahokoski J, Kursula P, Kursula I. The lasso segment is required for functional dimerization of the Plasmodium formin 1 FH2 domain. PLoS One 7:e33586, 2012.

Chen W-Q, Heymann G, Kursula P, Rosner M, Hengstschläger M, Huppertz H, Lubec G. Effects of gigapascal level pressure on protein structure and function. J Phys Chem B 116:1100-1110, 2012.

Kuczera K and Kursula P. Interactions of calmodulin with death-associated protein kinase peptides: experimental and modeling studies. J Biomol Struct Dyn 30:45-61, 2012.

Lehtimäki M, Laulumaa S, Ruskamo S, Kursula P. Production and crystallization of a panel of structure-based mutants of the human myelin peripheral membrane protein P2. Acta Crystallogr F 68:1359-1362, 2012.

Myllykoski M, Itoh K, Kangas SM, Heape AM, Kang S-U, Lubec G, Kursula I, Kursula P. The N-terminal domain of the myelin enzyme 2´,3´-cyclic nucleotide 3´-phosphodiesterase: Direct molecular interaction with the calcium sensor calmodulin. J Neurochem 123:515-524, 2012.

Ruskamo S, Chukhlieb M, Vahokoski J, Bhargav SP, Liang F, Kursula I, Kursula P. Juxtanodin is an intrinsically disordered F-actin-binding protein. Sci Rep 2:899, 2012.

Han H, Myllykoski M, Ruskamo S, Wang C, Kursula P. Myelin proteins: a structurally diverse group of membrane-binding proteins. BioFactors, in press.

Forst AH, Karlberg T, Herzog N, Thorsell A-G, Gross A, Feijs KL, Verheugd P, Kursula P, Nijmeijer B, Kremmer E, Kleine H, Ladurner A, Schüler H, Lüscher B. Recognition of mono-ADP-ribosylated ARTD10 substrates by ARTD8 macrodomains. Structure, in press.

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