BSc in Biochemistry

A three-year candidate degree (BSc, Bachelor of Science) is followed by a 2-year master degree (MSc, Master of Science).

The bachelor's degree in biochemistry at Oulu University consists of the following elements:

BSc Degree


General studies

7 credits

Basic studies in Biochemistry

30 credits

Intermediate studies in Biochemistry

56 credits

Maturity test

0 credits


21 credits

Biology and statistics

18 credits

Optional studies

48 credits

Total at least

180 credits


Consistent with our goal to provide the highest-level of education and research through the systematic recruitment of experts from Finland and aboard, circa half of the teaching on the BSc is in Finnish and half in English.

Education leading to a BSc in biochemistry provides the student with the ability to:

  • apply fundamental knowledge in biochemistry and ancillary subjects and to follow and evaluate developments in that field;
  • apply scientific thinking and to use scientific methods;
  • relate to and discuss the high public awareness and impact on society of biochemistry;
  • complete responsible and goal-oriented teamwork and in individual work;
  • apply the acquired knowledge in working life;
  • communicate in Finnish and Swedish as stipulated in the Degree Statute, as well as proficiency in English;
  • demonstrate transferable and cognitive skills, including the ability to communicate effectively.

Studies are organized such that students can complete the degree within three years of full-time study. Obligatory course units are organized at the beginning of studies and are common to all students. During the second and third year students select course units specific to their individual longer-term goals. Students are encouraged to undertake a period of time abroad during the BSc and the Spring-term of 3rd year is kept free from obligatory courses to facilitate this. There is also an option for a BSc Degree in biochemistry with international exchange. This includes additional appropriate compulsory language studies to allow integration of the student into the host environment during student exchange period. Student is free to select either of the BSc Degrees and may freely switch between degrees.

Successful completion of the BSc allows automatic progression to either of our MSc degree programs without the need to reapply.

Studies for BSc degree

Studies for BSc degree with international exchange



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