Dissertation literature review (optional in MSc)

The optional dissertation course is a major review of the literature (18 study points) undertaken by a student with guidance from a supervisor who should ideally be a recognized expert in the field. Students are encouraged to find leading experts in the field to guide them.

There is no set timetable for the dissertation and it can be approached as a solid block or as something undertaken part-time over a longer period of time, with the understanding that 18 study point is the equivalent of 12 weeks full-time work by the average student aiming for an average grade.

Unlike the Pro Gradu thesis there are no formal requirements or even guidance for style, length etc. It is up to each individual student and their supervisor to choose a style from an appropriate journal which would publish comprehensive reviews in the field.

As a guide a comprehensive review might be expected to be 15,000 to 30,000 words in length with 200 to 300 references. For some topics and/or journals the dissertation may be considerably outside these guidelines.

Two examiners will be assigned by the faculty and students and supervisors are advised to read the Dissertation marking scheme. There is an appeals procedure similar to that used for the MSc thesis if the student is not satisfied with the given grade


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