Postgraduate Studies

The duration of the doctoral training corresponds to four years of full-time study, but it can be completed in a longer time in the case of part-time work. The degree includes research work for the thesis, the publication and the public defense of the thesis, and 20 study points of “taught” studies and/or other research-related activities. The goals of the studies are to deepen the student's knowledge of his/her own field, and to develop his/her general knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career.

The following courses are mandatory for all students who were granted their doctoral study rights on, or after 1.1.2012:

Introduction to doctoral training, 1 study point

The Introduction to Doctoral Training course, organized by the University of Oulu Graduate School, will provide students with information about the structure and practices of UniOGS, as well as practical information regarding the services, formalities and general requirements, essential to both their doctoral studies and every-day life.

Research ethics, 2 study points

The Research ethics course, organized by the University of Oulu Graduate School, introduces students to the basic principles of research ethics, covering ethical theory and principles, ethical problems characteristic to different sciences, good scientific practice, and the relation between science and society.

Research Plan Seminar, 4 study points

Each doctoral student participates actively in research plan seminars during their studies. Participation in the course offers students the opportunity to get to know other doctoral students in their field of science, and provides an excellent opportunity to get peer support from each other. In the seminars, each doctoral student will present their research plan. Study credits includes also work for the development of the Doctoral Training Plan - not only seminars.

Mandatory annual reporting and follow-up group meetings, 1 study point


Other optional courses include:

Field specific studies 8-12 study points

Teaching tasks 0-4 study points (when the student has passed at least 2 study points of university pedagogical studies).

Many students in the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine are in the Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme which gives postgraduate education in cell and molecular biology, developmental biology, molecular medicine, molecular genetics, population genetics, structural biology, bioinformatics, biobusiness and bioethics. 


Admission for post-graduate degree programme

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