13.9.2019 News

Presentation at "Latest in modelling symposium"

Postdoctoral reseacher Ville-Valtteri Visuri held an invited presentation on modelling of hot metal desulphurisation at "Latest in modelling symposium" held on September 12, 2019 i

13.9.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Heikkilä, Kärnä, Pauna & Visuri in Düsseldorf, Germany

The 4th European Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD) were held in Düsseldorf, Germany from June 24 to 28, 2019.

31.7.2019 News

Visa Isteri awarded in London

Visa Isteri has been awarded with the Fredrik Glasser Award on Cement Chemistry for the best oral presentation at the first

17.7.2019 News

Calls for doctoral student positions in Technology and natural sciences

Calls for funded doctoral student positions:

17.7.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Somani & Kantanen in Aachen

Docent Mahesh Somani and doctoral candidate Pekka Kantanen attended to the 4th International Conference on

17.7.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Renata Latypova and Tun Tun Nyo in Warsaw

Doctoral student Renata Latypova and master student/co-author Tun Tun Nyo attended the 12th International Scientific Corrosion Conference (

18.6.2019 News

Researchers traveling: 7th Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth in Gent, Belgium

Jaakko Hannula, Aarne Pohjonen, Mahesh Somani, Oskari Seppälä and Antti Kaijalainen, will be attent to the 7

18.6.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Hannula & Kaijalainen in Enschede

Doctoral candidate Jaakko Hannula and post-doctoral researcher Antti Kaijalainen attended to the 38th Internati

18.6.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Nyo & Kaijalainen in Brno

Project researcher Tun Tun Nyo and post-doctoral researcher Antti Kaijalainen attended to 28th International Conference on

17.6.2019 News

Grant for a research visit

Tutkijat maailmalle” programme announced its grant decisions on June 5, 2019.

16.6.2019 News

A book on thermodynamic description of the Fe–Al–Mn–Si–C system

A book entitled "Thermodynamic description of the Fe–Al–Mn–Si–C system for modelling solidification of steels" was published in the Acta Universitatis Ouluensis publication series by Jyrki Miettine

16.6.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Visuri in Leuven

Postdoctoral researcher Ville-Valtteri Visuri visited to Department of Materials at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in

12.6.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Alatarvas & Visuri in Salzburg

Tuomas Alatarvas and Ville-Valtteri Visuri will attend the ICASP-5 & CSSCR-5  conference in Salzbur

3.6.2019 News

MIMESIS workshop in Skien, Norway

Workshop on the Mathematics and Materials Science for Steel Production and Manufacturing (MIMESIS) project will be

23.5.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Mohammed Ali in Cairo

Mohammed Ali has been participated in the 2nd international conference of materials science and engineering whi

26.3.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Heikkinen in Mechelen

Eetu-Pekka Heikkinen will participate in the 6th International Slag Valorisation Symposium to be held in Meche

18.3.2019 News

Tekniikan torstai - teräs 21.3.2019

Teknillisen tiedekunnan tammikuussa 2018 alkaneen seminaarisarjan aiheena on seuraavaksi teräs.

19.2.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Visuri starts a research visit at RWTH Aachen University in Germany

Ville-Valtteri Visuri is conducting a 9-month research visit at RWTH Aachen University in Germany starting from January 31

6.2.2019 News

Course on Circular Residue Usage in the Metallurgical Industry

After the great success of the first CIRRUS course at Luleå University of Technology, the second "Course on residue utilisation in metallurgical industry" will be organised in co-operation with Swe

5.2.2019 News

Public defence 15.2.2019

Candidate: M.Sc. (Tech.) Antti Järvenpää

18.1.2019 News

Researchers traveling: Visuri visits Northeastern University in Shenyang, China

Postdoctoral researcher Ville-Valtteri Visuri visited the Institute of Metallurgy Multiph

13.12.2018 News

Researchers traveling: Ramasetti in Australia

Eshwar Kumar Ramasetti participated two conferences in Australia (Melbourne and Adelaide).

5.12.2018 News

Researchers traveling: Isteri in Sheffield

Visa Isteri (PhD student) is having a three months research visit in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield, the United Kingdom.