Tenure-Track Professorship in materials physics with emphasis on synchrotron radiation and steel research

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The following position is open in the University of Oulu:

Tenure-Track Professorship in materials physics with emphasis on synchrotron radiation and steel research

The Tenure-Track position is in the University of Oulu profiling to “Physics for strong, tough and sustainable steel” at focus area “Creating sustainability by materials and systems”. The position is located at the Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit (NANOMO) at the Faculty of Science and is connected to the unit’s participation in Center for Advanced Steel Research (http://www.oulu.fi/casr/)

NANOMO is a highly international research environment presently formed by four professors and around 40 other researchers. The focus is on molecular scale materials research and novel applications of spectroscopic and imaging techniques. The main external funding sources are European Union ERC and Horizon2020 programs, Academy of Finland and China Scholarship council. The unit coordinates the Finnish national participation to the MAX IV facility, participates to the planning and constructing of the FinEstBeaMS beamline and contributes to the European Free Electron Laser Eu-XFEL project.

A person who is appointed to a tenure-track position is employed as an assistant professor, associate professor or full professor in the tenure-track system of the university, depending on the merits and qualifications of the applicant.

The position will be supported by a three year Post Doctoral position directed to the same topic, to be opened at 2018 in NANOMO.

Subject field and description of the position
The position is on physical mechanisms of advanced materials through cutting-edge characterizations and research at international photon sources. The research is expected to focus on effects of microstructural details on the mechanical properties of steel and related materials.

The formation and role of non-metallic inclusions and phase transformations in steels, their accurate prediction and controlling during processing are the key focuses of the research in the profiling theme. The position is to benefit especially the forefront experimental methodologies, especially spectroscopy available at local and national laboratories and novel synchrotron radiation and free electron laser facilities.

The appointed candidate is expected to be a key driver in the international multidisciplinary and intersectorial collaboration network between the CASR and NANOMO, to international facilities (including MAX IV), Nordic-Baltic Steel community and international research organizations.

The new assistant, associate or full professor will be responsible for developing research, teaching and supervision of the research unit. In addition to this, administrative duties are included in the annual total of 1,624 working hours.

Required Qualifications
The successful applicant must have a PhD or equivalent in physics or related field. Applicant must show a visible scientific profile and a good knowledge of X-ray induced spectroscopies and materials physics in general. Experience of synchrotron radiation techniques and their applications are mandatory for research and teaching tasks. Understanding of first-principles computations, although not mandatory, is also considered as merit.

Fluent English, good communication and teamwork skills are required. When assessing the applicant’s qualifications, issues to be considered will include scientific publications, thesis supervision, activity in the scientific community, practical familiarity with the field in question, scientific work abroad, and other international activities. Further, shown potential in acquiring supplementary (extramural) funding and teaching experience will be taken as a merit when choosing the scientist. The candidates are expected to have experience from research environments other than University of Oulu. Work abroad and other international experience will be regarded as an asset.

As a part of the NANOMO unit, the duties also include supervising scientific research i.e. PhD students and post doc researchers. Participation in teaching as a part of the physics curriculum, and in supervision of M.Sc. and B.Sc. theses is naturally expected.

The tenure track position on assistant professor level is for persons who have recently finished their doctoral dissertation and are advancing towards a professional research career. The position is always fixed-term and the duration is five years. A continuation period may be granted as indicated in the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines. Only applicants who have finished their doctoral thesis less than ten years ago can be appointed to the position of an assistant professor.

The position on associate professor level is a fixed-term position for five years, but a continuation period may be granted. Being granted continuation for the position requires meeting the criteria below as well as successful research work as indicated in the University of Oulu Tenure Track guidelines. Appointed as an associate professor shall have an applicable doctoral degree, scientific research merit, and teaching skills required for the position. The prerequisite for the position is the ability to lead a research group and to acquire supplementary research funding. When selecting a person for the position, academic work abroad, as well as merits in international co-operation are considered to be valuable.

A person appointed to the position of professor must have a doctoral degree, high-level scientific competence, experience in leading scientific research, ability to provide high-level research-based teaching and to supervise theses, and merit in international co-operation projects in his/her field of expertise. The position of a professor also requires the ability to act as an academic leader.

The salary is based on the demand level chart for teaching and research personnel of the salary system of Finnish Universities. In addition to the basic salary, supplementary salary part will be given for personal achievements and performance, the sum rising to a maximum of 46.3 % of the basic salary level for the position. Therefore, the full salary is approximately 3,500 – 4,500 euros per month for an assistant professor, 4,000 – 5,400 euros per month for an associate professor and 5,500 – 8,300 euros per month for a full professor.

Apply online latest on Monday 6th November, 2017.

The position is filled for five years as of 1st January, 2018, or as soon as possible thereafter. A trial period of 4 months is applied in the position.

Reviewer Assessment
A recruitment committee will take care of the evaluation process. The minimum of two external reviewers will be consulted regarding to the selection process. The University of Oulu Tenure Track Guidelines will be followed in filling the position.

Applications, together with all relevant enclosures, must be submitted using the electronic application form accompanied by the following English-language documents, preferably as a single pdf file:

1) A brief curriculum vitae according to Finnish Advisory board on Research Integrity (TENK)

2) List of publications, ten most important ones marked

3) A brief research and action plan with a special emphasis on how the plan benefits the research in the field and links to the research at NANOMO unit

4) Contact details of 2 to 4 persons available for recommendation

5) The applicant is encouraged to include his own citation indices (total number of citations and h index)

Contact information
In order to receive the information and announcements concerning the official selection procedures to be followed in order to fill this post, applicants must inform the Faculty of their contact details for the whole duration of the selection process: they must specifically provide both their home and work telephone numbers, their e-mail addresses, and their postal addresses.

For further information about the application and selection procedures, please contact:
Professor Marko Huttula, Head of the Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit tel. +358 (0)400 566 218, e-mail: marko.huttula(at)oulu.fi

Last updated: 12.10.2017