Mathematics and Materials Science for Steel Production and Manufacturing (MIMESIS)

H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015,  (Coordinated by FORSCHUNGS-VERBUND BERLIN E.V.)

Duration: 1.11.2015–31.1.2020

Contact person: David Porter in Finland

Total budget 2.11 M€ (UO 807 k€, SSAB 269 k€ from EU)

Partners Univ. Oulu, WIAS, EFD Induction AS, SSAB Europe, Outokumpu

Researchers in Finland:

  • Satish Kolli working on the modelling of the sensitisation of stainless steel in cooperation with Outokumpu (at the university)
  • Shashank Rames Babu working on the modeling of martensite in direct quenching with SSAB
  • Vahid Javaheri, working with EFD in Norway on the application of induction hardening to the manufacture of abrasion resistant pipes
  • Eshwar Ramasetti, working on the CFD modeling of gas stirring and alloying in ladle.

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