Articles - Control Engineering


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  2. Juuso E & Koistinen A
    Decision support for risk management in mining industry: MMEA WP5.2.7 report. - Cleen. Research Report D5.2.7.3. Helsinki. 24 s.
  3. Laurila J, Paasovaara N, Rautjärvi H, Seppälä P, Ruuska J, Kuopanportti H & Leiviskä K
    EnSaCo - TEKES Green Mining projekti 2013 - 2015: Loppuraportti - 30.10.2015. Oulu.


  1. Juuso E
    Intelligent Methods in Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems (SNE). - Simulation Notes Europe 24 (1), 1-10.

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