Genome of Steel

GENOME OF STEEL is a profiling area in the university’s strategic research focus area Creating sustainability through materials and systems. It is funded by a specific instrument of the Academy of Finland aimed at strengthening the research profiles of Finnish universities.

Steel research at the University of Oulu is a multidisciplinary area of science, involving physical and process metallurgy, applied physics and mathematics, biomimetics and mineralogy, as well as chemical, mechanical, production, and control engineering. Specialities include the fundamentals of ultrahigh-strength tough steel and high-strength stainless steels.

The goal of the profiling area is to integrate experimental and theoretical physics knowhow and infrastructure with the steel regime, increasing our fundamental understanding of the relationships between steel processing, microstructure and properties. Our vision is to become one of the globally leading centres in multiscale steel research. Fulfilment of this vision will enable steel producers and users, both locally and globally, to innovate towards the widespread use of high-strength steels for environmentally friendly lightweight applications.

The research is carried out in the university´s strategic research focus institute Kvantum, the Centre of Advanced Steels Research (CASR) at the Faculty of Technology and Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit at the Faculty of Science. CASR forms the biggest steel research consortium in the Nordic countries and is aiming to expand into an intersectoral Finnish research community.

Director: Prof. Jukka Kömi, Head of Materials and Mechanical Engineering Unit, University of Oulu
Vice director: Prof. Marko Huttula, Head of Nano and Molecular Systems Unit, University of Oulu

Last updated: 4.4.2019