Researchers traveling: Alatarvas & Visuri in Salzburg

Tuomas Alatarvas and Ville-Valtteri Visuri will attend the ICASP-5 & CSSCR-5  conference in Salzburg, Austria from 17th to 21st of June 2019. Process Metallurgy Research Unit totals two presentations and one poster. The joint ICASP-5 & CSSCR-5 conference focuses on solidification phenomena.

  • Louhenkilpi S, Miettinen J, Laine J, Vesanen R, Rentola I, Moilanen J, Visuri V-V, Heikkinen E-P, Fabritius T: On-line Modelling of Heat Transfer, Solidification and Microstructure in Continuous Casting of Steel. Presentation.
  • Miettinen J, Louhenkilpi S, Visuri V-V, Heikkinen E-P, Fabritius T, Jokilaakso A: Advances in Modeling of Steel Solidification with IDS. Presentation.
  • Alatarvas T, Antola T, Fabritius T: Utilizing inclusion data in characterization of oxide-sulfide stringers in hot-rolled plates. Poster.


Last updated: 12.6.2019