Genome of Steel-seminar

11.9.2019 08:30
Saalasti hall

GENOME OF STEEL is a profiling area project at the University of Oulu. The goal is to integrate experimental observations and theory in the steel regime, increasing the fundamental understanding on the relationships between steel processing, microstructure and properties.

Time: 11.9.2019 klo 08.30 – 17.00
Venue: University of Oulu, Saalasti Hall, Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, 90014 Oulu, Finland

Seminar is free and open for everyone.
Seminar is organised by the Centre for Advanced Steel Research (CASR)


8.30 Registration and welcome
Vice-Rector Taina Pihlajaniemi
  Physical Metallurgy chair Professor Jukka Kömi
9.00 A look into the wonderful world of steel microstructures (pdf) Keynote: Professor Jilt Sietsma (Delft-3M)
9.30 Futuristic novel ultra high strength steels: innovations and challenges (pdf) Professor Mahesh Somani (CASR)
9.50 Re(de)fining quenched and partitioned steels – new insights to microstructure and performance Dr. Sakari Pallaspuro (CASR)
  Break, 10 min  
10.20 A challenge of improving mechanical properties of metastable austenitic stainless steel (pdf) Dr. Antti Järvenpää (CASR)
10.40 Bayesian analysis of critical fatigue failure sources Mr. Joona Vaara (Wärtsilä)
11.00 Hot rolled automotive steels of SSAB – theory and practise Dr. Pasi Suikkanen (SSAB)
  Lunch, 60 min  
  Modelling chair Professor Jari Larkiola
12.30 Simulation of austenite decomposition during TMCP Professor Jari Larkiola (CASR)
13.00 Micromechanical modeling in performance driven design of metallic materials Dr. Anssi Laukkanen (VTT)
13.20 Modelling of microstructure evolution in thermomechanical processing (pdf) Dr. Aarne Pohjonen (CASR)
  Break, 10 min  
  Process Metallurgy chair Professor Timo Fabritius
13.50 Experimental and numerical studies of inclusions at KTH Keynote: Professor Dong-Yuan Sheng (KTH)
14.20 Modelling the evolution of inclusion composition and size during secondary steelmaking (pdf) Professor Qifeng Shu (CASR)
14.40 IDS and CastManager tools for continuous casting - applications to quality prediction (pdf) Professor Seppo Louhenkilpi (Aalto & CASR)
  Coffee, 20 min  
  Physics chair Professot Marko Huttula
15.20 In operando high-energy synchrotron studies of metal cutting at industrially relevant cutting parameters Keynote: Professor Jens Birch (LTU)
15.50  Physical visions beyond advanced steels performance: from surface to bulk properties Professor Wei Chao (CASR)
16.10  Density functional theory studies on bcc Fe grain boundary and Omega Fe Dr. Assa Sasikala Devi (CASR)
16.30 Surface characterization of structural industrial materials using synchrotron-based techniques Dr. Lisa Rullik (CASR)
16.50 Summary Professor Jukka Kömi
17.00 End of the seminar  


Registration to the seminar by September 5th

More information: Professor Jukka Kömi


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