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14.6.2017 News

Helsinki Challenge 2017: Team FutuRena selected to finals!

Prof. Seppo Vainio’s group is participating in the Helsinki Challenge 2017 as a member of the team FutuRena: Printed kidneys can change the future of organ transplants. Now the team has been selected to finals!

9.5.2017 News

Minisymposium: Future directions in ECM research relevant to fibrosis

The Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in Cell-ECM Research and Nordforsk NorIMM project will organize a minisymposium on *Future directions in ECM research relevant to fibrosis

7.3.2017 News

Seppo Vainio's Team BiolNEt to finals in the Builders of the Century competition

Seppo Vainio's Team BiolNEt to finals in the B

3.10.2016 News

Image from work of Vainio group published on BPoD!

Image from work of Vainio group published on BPoD – Biomedical Picture of the Day. Have a look here.

7.3.2016 News

Novel cancer susceptibility gene identified by Winqvist group

Professor Robert Winqvist´s group has identified a novel breast cancer predisposing mutation in the MCPH1 gene.

19.1.2015 News

Seppo Vainio´s project Genes and Society receives Argumenta funding from The Finnish Cultural Foundation

The Finnish Cultural Foundation has awarded Argumenta funding for a project Genes and Society.  The project is headed by prof. Seppo Vainio.

26.10.2014 News

Myllyharju and Karppinen received a 1,5 million € funding from the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation

The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation granted a donation of 1,5 million euros to Professor Johanna Myllyharju and Professor Peppi Karppinen.

24.6.2014 News

A book about Finns on the top of science

Recently a book was published describing the careers of 100 Finnish top scientists.

21.2.2014 News

Vainio - Quaggin Joint Research Article

Collaboration between Professor Seppo Vainio's and FiDiPro Susan Quaggin's laboratories has led to the first co-author publication: 

30.8.2013 News

CoE participates in the University Science Day

University of Oulu organizes a Science Day in September 10th, 2013.

7.1.2013 News

Matti Äyräpää Prize to Professor Taina Pihlajaniemi!

The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim awards the

22.11.2012 News

EU funding for CoE Groups!

After a successful application process in 2012 CoE Groups Vainio and Pihlajaniemi will participate in the EU‐FP7 funded projects EURenOmics (10/2012 - 2016) and CAFFEIN

8.6.2012 News

New FiDiPro Professor

New FiDiPro Professor strengthens the research of kidney diseases