Conserved Collagens in Cell–Matrix Homeostasis

Team leader: Taina Pihlajaniemi, Professor, MD-PhD

Pihlajaniemi's Team is focusing on ECM molecules, especially on the evolutionarily conserved transmembrane and endostatin collagens in terms of their interactions with cells and physiological roles. During the CoE term the Team will analyze the roles of these collagens in kidney development using the in vitro nephrogenetic model and mutant mouse models (with Vainio), in lipid metabolism (including association studies in hyperlipidemic patients with Winqvist), in integrity of microvessels (with Eklund and Vainio), in stem cell viability (with Vainio and Eklund), in cardiomyopathy, in the formation and maintenance of neuromuscular junctions and bone physiology, and in tumorigenesis (with Myllyharju and Winqvist). They will use a large number of gene-modified mouse models, the nephrogenesis model, tumour models, human patient samples, biochemical, histological and ultrastructural, physiological, cell biological and genetic analysis methods, and large-scale bioinformatics approaches in their studies.

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Last updated: 27.6.2016