Key Enzymes in the Synthesis of Collagens and the Response of Cells to Hypoxia

Team leader: Johanna Myllyharju, Professor, PhD

Myllyharju's Team is an expert on the key enzymes involved in collagen synthesis and the regulation of hypoxia response. During the CoE term the Team will analyze the roles of these enzymes in kidney development (with Vainio), in epithelial cell polarization (with Manninen), in developmental and therapeutic angiogenesis (with Eklund), in cardiac function and protection against ischemic insult, in skeletal development, and in tumourigenesis (with Pihlajaniemi). In addition, they will analyse the specific in vivo roles and molecular mechanisms of a novel transmembrane prolyl 4-hydroxylase. They will use a large number of gene-modified mouse models, the nephrogenesis and MDCK models, tumor models, biochemical, histological and ultrastructural, physiological and cell biological approaches in their studies.

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Last updated: 17.1.2017