Genetic Control of Organogenesis

Team leader: Seppo Vainio, Professor, PhD

Vainio's Team is an expert on genetic control of organogenesis, especially kidney development and Wnt and FGF signalling. They have developed an in vitro nephrogenesis model suitable for functional genomics approaches (with Manninen) and a Rosa26 gene locus system for analysis of in vivo effects of the identified genes on organogenesis. They have also identified by fate mapping nephron stem cells. During the CoE term the Team will identify by microarray profiling genes that control the stem cell fate and status. The information will be used to attempt directing pluripotent cells to specific fates, with potential for tissue therapy approaches. They will also study the importance of endothelial cells in kidney development (with Eklund) using a novel Rosa26 diphteria toxin approach developed by them enabling specific ablation of Cre-expressing selected cells.

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Last updated: 27.6.2016