Hereditary Predisposition to Breast Cancer

Novel Susceptibility Factors and their Functional Characterization and Impact on Disease Risk and Behaviour.

Team leader: Robert Winqvist, Professor, PhD

Winqvist's Team has expertise in molecular genetics and cancer biology and will provide the required knowledge on human genetic and tumor biology for the planned CoE studies. During the CoE term they will analyze the molecular mechanisms whereby dysfunction of PALB2, Abraxas and RAD50 as well as other similarly acting factors affect malignant processes. They will also study the role of Palb2 in embryogenesis (with Vainio) and in proliferation and differentiation using lentivirus approaches (with Manninen). Their studies also aim at identification of further genes associated with hereditary predisposition to breast cancer by microarray profiling and analysis of their functions by knock-down and gain-of-function approaches (with Vainio and Manninen). They will use the mammary fat pad assay to address the links between genomic stability and epithelium-stroma communication (with Pihlajaniemi and Vainio).

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Last updated: 22.6.2016