Vascular morphogenesis

Team leader: Lauri Eklund, Academy Research Fellow, PhD

Eklund’s team is an expert in vascular morphogenesis and sophisticated cell biological and imaging approaches. During the CoE term they will analyze the mechanisms underlying angiopoietin ligand-specific effects on endothelial cell (EC) interactions with the extracellular matrix and the defects in vascular morphogenesis due to mutations in the angiopoietin receptor Tie2. EC responses under hypoxic conditions (with Myllyharju) and the ECM contribution in angiogenesis (with Pihlajaniemi) will be studied. EC-specific lentiviral vectors to facilitate studies of various EC modifications in developing mouse embryos are under development (with Vainio and Manninen). They will use cell biological and tissue culturing models, imaging and mass spectrometry proteomic approaches to assess normal and mutated Tie2 functions. In vitro experiment will be accompanied by experimental angiogenesis and genetic mouse models.

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Last updated: 27.6.2016