Regulation of Epithelial Cell Functions by Integrins and the Extracellular Matrix

Team leader: Aki Manninen, Academy Research Fellow, PhD

Manninen's Team is an expert in the regulation of epithelial cell differentiation and morphogenesis, and on the use of virus mediated RNA interference approaches and the MDCK model system. They have developed a functional genomics platform that enables RNAi and cDNA overexpression to be applied in the in vitro nephrogenesis model (with Vainio). They have also identified specific integrin dependent mechanisms that regulate epithelial morphogenesis.  During the CoE term they will study the effect of such knock-down cells in the in vitro kidney organogenesis model (with Vainio). As they have identified a specific integrin to be critical in cellular mechanotransduction they will study how it mediates mechanosensory cues to cells and tissues. The role of this integrin in kidney development will be studied using the in vitro nephrogenesis model (with Vainio).

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Last updated: 27.6.2016