Adam Bricker at 2019 Swedish Congress of Philosophy

Friday, June 14, 2019

The Center of Philosophical Studies of History's own Adam Bricker is presenting a paper at the 2019 Swedish Congress of Philosophy


Adam will be discussing "The Neural Correlates of Knowledge Attribution: Doing Epistemology with EEG" in epistemology section of the congress.



"The purpose of this talk is to introduce a nascent empirical method for conducting epistemological research, which combines EEG—used in social neuroscience to measure the neural correlates of belief attribution—with novel, epistemology-derived experimental designs that aim to measure the neural correlates of knowledge attribution. Beyond providing a general overview of the potential applications of this new technique, I also present some early findings from the first such epistemological study to use EEG. Although highly preliminary, these findings indicate that, at the neural level, knowledge is not attributed like a mental state, but rather a composite (like true belief). These findings, if they prove robust, would lend increased credibility to the widespread epistemological resistance to the idea, advanced by both Williamson and Nagel, that knowledge is a mental state."

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Umeå University

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Last updated: 11.6.2019