CfA: Annual Colloquium of The Philosophical Society of Finland 2022

Philosophical Society of Finland organizes a colloquium: Past. Future. Philosophy.

in University of Oulu, January 13th and 14th 2022

Our relation to the past and the future is anything but clear. The past is not anymore, and the future does not exist yet, but nevertheless the past affects us, and we affect the future. It is commonly accepted that it is possible to study the past. But how is it possible, given that the past has already ceased to exist? Only a segment of the knowledge about the past ends up written as history. Why?

Future can be anticipated. Especially in the sciences, we devise models from which to derive predictions about future events. Our current actions could render the lives of future humans unbearable, even impossible. Nevertheless, the future is mostly in the dark for us and beyond possibility of observation. How does philosophy contribute to our understanding of the future?

Please send an abstract (c. 350 words) and three to five keywords to jani.sinokki [ät] by September 15, 2021. Notification of acceptance: 1.10.2021. We will reserve 25 minutes for presentations and 10 minutes for Q&A.

An international workshop on the state and future of philosophy of history is organized as a part of the colloquium.

The topics of the presentations is not limited to any specific issues, but the connection of the presentation to the theme of the colloquium should be made clear in the abstract. 

See the following web-page for up-to-date information:


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