Fields of Investigations

In terms of a more customary division of subjects, the Centre concentrates on three areas: the philosophy of history/historiography, the philosophy of history/historiography of science and the philosophy of science, including epistemology.

In general, the first area covers any philosophical research on the concepts and problems of historiography, but also those traditions that have tried to say something general on the nature of history itself. The second area of emphasis focus on the respective questions on the historiography of science and on the history of science. These two are our main areas of interest, but because of their overlap with the philosophy of science and epistemology these latter are also included among our emphases.

Many concepts and problems of historiography have been discussed and are related to wider debates in the philosophy of science and epistemology. The ‘Theory of history’ is also a topic of interest and may be seen subsumed under the philosophy of history and historiography.

Last updated: 7.11.2014