Masters program: History Culture and Philosophy

The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History organises together with the History and Science and Ideas a masters program called "History Culture and Philosophy".

The masters program will begin in the fall of 2019.

General information of the program and materials like reading lists will be updated here when details get finalised.

Reading lists for different modules

Module Reading List

01 Analytical Philosphy of History

/ Analyyttinen historianfilosofia

Reading list

02 Hermeneutics in Philosophy of History

/ Hermeneutiikka historiankirjoituksessa

Reading list

03 Old Masters of Philosophy of History

/ Vanhat historianfilosofian mestarit

Reading list

04 Cultural Philosophy of History

/ Kulttuurien historianfilosofia

Reading list

05 Pragmatism in History Writing

/ Pragmatismi historiankirjoituksessa

Reading list

06 Narrativism

/ Narrativismi

Reading list

07 Theory and History of Historiography

/Historiankirjoituksen teoria

Reading list

08 Postmodernism and Ethical Questions in History Writing

/ Postmodernismi ja eettiset kysymykset historiankirjoituksessa

Reading list

09 The Political use of History

/ Historian poliittinen käyttö

Reading list

10 Remembering and Historical Experience

/ Muistaminen ja suullinen historia

Reading list

11 New Media

/ Uudet mediat

Reading list

12 Philosophy of Historiography of Science

/ Tieteenhistorianfilosofia

Reading list

13 Historical Epistemology

/ Historiallinen Epistemologia

Reading list

14 History of Concepts and the Philosophy of Conceptual Change

/ Käsitehistoria ja käsitemuutoksen filosofia

Reading list

Last updated: 17.5.2019