Inaugural seminar of The Oulu Centre for Theoretical and Philosophical Studies of History

11.12.2014 (All day)
Hu 205 / Hu 207 (The Faculty of Humanities)


We welcome you to the inaugural seminar of The Oulu Centre for Theoretical and Philosophical Studies of History on Thursday, December 11, 2014. The purpose of this seminar is to introduce different areas and themes of the centre. The Oulu Centre focuses on conceptual studies of history and historiography, including the historiography of science, and on the question of philosophical significance of historical research in general. Is historiography necessarily narrative? How should a change of concept be understood in conceptual history? Would it be possible to provide support for philosophical theses or question some of them through the research of history? The scope of the Oulu Centre also covers the philosophy of science and epistemology when relevant to problems of the philosophy of history and historiography.

The inaugural seminar is bilingual. Presentations in the morning are in English and in the afternoon in Finnish.

Could you please register by email for the seminar by December 5. for catering purposes: Ilkka.O.Lahteenmaki (at)





Location: Hu 205 (The Faculty of Humanities)


8.45-9.15           Coffee              

9.15-9.30           Welcome

                             Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Paula Rossi 

9.30-10.15        The Oulu Centre for Theoretical and Philosophical

                          Studies of History

                             Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen (University of Oulu)

10.15-11.00      Narrativism:

                             Kalle Pihlainen (Åbo Akademi)

11.00-11.15      Kahvitauko

11.00-12.00      Theory of History: “What does the historian actually do?

                          A new perspective on the core of historical research.”

                             Jorma Kalela (University of Turku)

12.00-12.45      On the History of the Human Sciences: “Truthfulness,

                          Uncertainty and Moral Reading”

                             Petteri Pietikäinen (University of Oulu)


12.45-13.45      Lunch/lounas


Location: Hu 207

13.45-14.30    Feministinen historianfilosofia

                        (Feminist Philosophy of History):

                             Niina Timosaari (Oulun yliopisto)

14.30-15.15      Analyyttinen historianfilosofia

                          (Analytic Philosophy of History):

                             Panu Raatikainen (Tampereen yliopisto)

15.15-15.30      Kahvitauko

15.30-16.15      Aate- ja käsitehistoria (History of Ideas and Conceptual

                          History): "Aatehistoria ja digitaalisten aineistojen


                             Mikko Tolonen (Helsingin yliopiston tutkijakollegium)

16.15-17.00      Suomalainen historiafilosofia

                          (Finnish Philosophy of History):

                             Kari Väyrynen (Oulun yliopisto)


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