Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen

Associate Professor of Philosophy Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh in 2006 and has also worked in the universities of Durham, Leiden and Hull. Kuukkanen is a founder and co-director of Centre for Philosophical Studies of History, and has published widely on the philosophy of science and specifically on Thomas Kuhn, on the philosophical foundations of the historiography of science and the history of ideas, and on the philosophy of historiography. His book Postnarrativist Philosophy of Historiography (Palgrave) was published in 2015.


Research Interests

  • Philosophy of history and historiography (specifically narrativism and the epistemology of historiography, pragmatism)
  • Philosophy of conceptual change/history
  • Historical philosopher of science (specifically Thomas S. Kuhn)
  • Philosophy of science
  • Historiography of science and science studies


Sample Publications


Postnarrativist Philosophy of Historiography. 2015. London: Palgrave Macmillan.


“Is Narrativism Empirically Plausible? What We Can Learn from the Case Study Approach for the Philosophy of Historiography.” Itinera 40 (2016). Beiheft Paradigmatische Fälle. Konstruktion, Narration, Verallgemeinrung von Fall-Wissen in den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften (edited R. Ruben and K. Kinze

“Historicism and the Failure of HPS.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 55 (2015), 3-11.

“Why we Need to Move from Truth-functionality to Performativity in Historiography.” History and Theory 54 (2015), 226-243.

“Kuhn’s Legacy: Theoretical and Philosophical Study of History.” Topoi. A special issue on Thomas Kuhn’s Structure (2012), 340-363.

”The Missing Narrativist Turn in Historiography of Science.” History and Theory 51 (2012), 340-363.

”I am Knowledge. Get me out Here! On Localism and the Universality of Science.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 42 (2011), 590-601.

"Kuhn on Essentialism and the Causal Theory of Reference." Philosophy of Science, 77 (2010), 544-565.

“Making Sense of Conceptual Change.” History and Theory 47 (2008), 351-372.

“Kuhn, the Correspondence Theory of Truth and Coherentist Epistemology.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 38 (2007), 555-566.

More publications see (many downloadable)



In Sping 2017 he will be teaching Research Seminar in philosophy. Past courses taught at the University of Oulu:

  • Introduction to Conceptual History (with co-lecturers)
  • Introduction to Philosophy of History (with co-lecturers)
  • Theme Seminar in Philosophy
  • Truth, Knowledge, Ways of Knowing
  • Historical Philosophers of Science and Science Studies



doctoral theses currently being supervised:

  • “Cutting History at its Joints? On the Ontological Status of Colligatory Concepts”
  • "Historical Representations as Worlds - Implications and uses of conceptualizing historical representations through the theory of possible worlds”
  • “Evidenssi, selittäminen ja normatiivisuus – tieteenfilosofian ja –historian yhteydet” (Evidence, explanation and normativity – the relations between the philosophy of science and the history of science)

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