The Centre Changes its Name!

The Oulu Centre for Theoretical and Philosophical Studies of History will be known as The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History from now on. The reason for this change is purely pragmatic. The initial name has been considered as rather long and cumbersome, and therefore we opted for a shorter name.

The scope of the research interests remains unchanged. The original idea of the centre was, and still is, that the centre covers a wider area than traditional conceptual investigations as in the analytic philosophy of history. In other words, all kinds of conceptual studies of historiography and the historiography of science, such as recent reflections on contingency, symmetry, narrative, representation, location, space and memory, are in its intellectual remit.  

The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History is not only a centre of philosophy of history and historiography narrowly conceived. It is also concerned with the relationship between history and philosophy in general and with their evidential relationship in particular. The intertanglement of philosophy and history, and the question whether history writing could illustrate, test, prove or falsify philosophical ideas one way or another, are in its interest.  

We believe that the concept Philosophical Studies of History captures all these aspects adequately and concisely.   

Last updated: 19.10.2016