The Philosophy of Critical Thinking and the Science of Human Rationality

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

HUM 330 15:30 - 17:00

Dr. Henri Pettersson discusses "The Philosophy of Critical Thinking and the Science of Human Rationality"


Critical thinking is highlighted as one of the central educational ideals for our times in both national and international education policy documents. In the philosophical literature on this topic, critical thinking is often conceptualized as the educational cognate of rationality, which in turn is analyzed as being comprised of the relevant skills and abilities to assess reasons and evidence together with the intellectual dispositions to actively use these proficiencies in practice. The resulting picture is in many respects normative and idealized, following the style of philosophical theorizing commonplace in the tradition of analytic epistemology. In contrast, certain recent empirical findings related to the rational performance of actual human beings seem to cast doubts on the extent to which we can expect people to fulfill our philosophical ideals of rationality. After introducing the relevant philosophical theories and psychological results I ruminate on the implications these have on our pedagogical views pertaining to the critical thinking education. 



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HUM 330

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