Book: Philosophy of History: Twenty-First-Century Perspectives

Bloomsbury has published a new collection on philosophy of history: Philosophy of History: Twenty-First-Century Perspectives. The volume is edited by Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen and it hosts an impressive lineup of writers covering a wide range of topics:

1. Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen: A conceptual map for twenty-first-century philosophy of history 
2. Jonathan Gorman: Encompassing the future 
3. Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen: Historiographical knowledge as claiming correctly 
4. Frank Ankersmit: Where the extremes meet
5. Ethan Kleinberg: Postmodern theory with historical intent: A deconstructive approach to the past
6. Allan Megill: The affective dimension: What theory of history can learn from popular history
7. Claire Norton and Mark Donnelly: Tales of im/mobility: Unhistorying migration
8. Aviezer Tucker: Historical evitability: The return of the philosophy of history
9. Herman Paul: History and philosophy of history (HPH): A call for cooperation
10. Ewa Domanska: The paradigm shift in the contemporary humanities and social sciences
11. Marek Tamm and Zoltán Boldizsár Simon: More-than-human history: Philosophy of history at the time of the Anthropocene
12. Giuseppina D'Oro: In defence of a humanistically orientated historiography: The nature/culture distinction at the time of the Anthropocene

The book-project was kickstarted in the aftermath of the "Role of the Philosophy of History" conference held in Oulu in 2017 when all of the keynote speakers (videos of the keynotes available on the Centre's youtube channel) agreed to contribute to a collected volume. They were later on joined by other prominent thinkers who found interest in the project and the end-result is now finally available for the public!


Last updated: 17.11.2020