Visiting Scholars

The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History welcomes visiting scholars!


We are a growing group of scholars working on philosophy of history and historiography. We actively encourage exchange of ideas and promote academic debate. 


Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide scholarships but we promise enthusiastic scholarly interaction. You will be given an opportunity to present your work in our intensive Reading-Writing -Circle. You will be rendered a working desk and access to the University Library. Naturally, you will be able to co-operate with other interesting scholars at The Faculty of Humanities in Oulu, for example, in History of Sciences and Ideas, History, Archaeology and Anthropology.  


The past and prospective visitors include the following scholars: David Černín (University of Ostrava, the Czech Republic) in 2017 worked on his dissertation “History of Philosophy Through the Prism of Philosophy of Historiography – the Past of Philosophy as Philosophical Problem,” which he subsequently successfully defended. In the Autumn of 2018, several researchers are scheduled to come. Mark Hearn (Macquarie University, Australia) focusses on the historical experience of fin de siècle modernity, and the question of the historical periodization of the fin de siècle. Antonios Kalatzis (Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany) explores Hegel's concept of world history, and Löwith's critique and account of how to deal with it. Giuseppina D’Oro (Keele University, UK) examines and lectures on Collingwood’s thinking and philosophy of history more generally.


If you would like to visit us, please contact jouni-matti.kuukkanen [ät]

Last updated: 23.5.2018