The Epochal Event -web lecture and discussion

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Zoom seminar [link to seminar] [Key:788153] 16:00-18:00 (UTC+2) which is 15:00-17:00 (CEST)

Dr. Zoltán Boldizsár Simon (Bielefeld University, Germany) discusses "The Epochal Event". The book is published by Palgrave and it is also availagle through SpringerLink (paywall).


Fueled by the perception of acquiring unprecedented powers through technologies that entangle the human and the natural worlds, human beings have become agents of a new kind of transformative event: the epochal event. The ongoing sixth mass extinction of species, the prospect of a technological singularity, and the potential crossing of planetary boundaries are expected to trigger planetary-scale transformations that we deem catastrophic and try to avoid. In making sense of these prospects, my talk will proceed in three steps. The first step will sketch the rise of a new epochality, a new epochal thinking focused on transformations neither in the human nor in the natural, but in the entangled human, technological, and natural worlds. This proves to be the background of the second step, which will introduce the epochal event as an emerging category of a renewed historical thought by measuring the new category against theories of the more familiar category of the historical event. Finally, the third step will make the case for the necessity of bringing together the work of the human and the natural sciences in developing knowledge of the entangled human, technological, and natural worlds.


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