Extended deadline: Doctoral training course CLIMATE CHANGE, WEATHER AND HUMAN HEALTH

Join us for a three day doctoral training in Oulu! Registration deadline extended to the end of August!

WHO Collaborating Centre course:


Location: University of Oulu Medical Faculty and Kastelli Research Center, Oulu, Finland. The lectures will be held in the auditorium of Kastelli Research Center in the vicinity of the medical campus and group works will be organized both at the Medical Faculty and Kastelli Research Center.

The course is organized by CERH in co-operation with DPPH and UniOGS.

Schedule: 27.-29.10.2014

Course objectives: Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. The objectives of the course are to understand the phenomenon of climate change and how it is related to weather nationally and globally at present and in the future. Another objective is to increase knowledge on how key primary effects of climate change, such as temperature, as well as climate extremes influence human health. Furthermore, the course will provide knowledge of secondary health effects of climate change, such as changes in the occurrence of allergens (e.g. pollen) on health. The course focuses also on mitigation measures and public health which include investigating and implementing evidence-based methods to adjust to and direct the changes for reducing or preventing adverse health effects.

Who should attend? The course is suitable for doctoral students representing various disciplines and interested in climate change related effects. Especially students of medicine, health sciences, health care, public health, economy, social, natural and environmental sciences may find the course interesting.

Course funding:
University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS) and Doctoral Programs in Public Health (DPPH).

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Online registration: extended to 31st of August 2014

Pre-course online exam: 15th-30th of September 2014

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