Maailman terveysjärjestö on nimittänyt CERH:in  WHO:n yhteistyökeskukseksi teemalla "Collaborating Centre in Global Change, Environment and Public Health" alkaen toukokuusta 2014. Viralliset avajaisjuhlat pidettiin 24.10.2014 Oulussa.

Kuvia avajaistilaisuudesta

CERH has active co-operation with WHO and its Regional Office for Europe (http://www.euro.who.int/en/home).

Climate change is a global health priority of WHO [1] and one important health theme of WHO Europe [2]. Climate change is affecting human health, through risks and pressures such as food shortages and hunger, alteration of water resources and damage to physical infrastructure (e.g. sea-level rise and extreme weather events). Economic activities, human settlements and human health will experience direct and indirect effects. The poor and disadvantaged are the most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. WHO/Europe works to identify policy options to help prevent, prepare for and respond to the health effects of these changes, and supports its Member States in selecting and implementing the most suitable strategies (http://www.euro.who.int/en/what-we-do/health-topics/environment-and-health/Climate-change).

Members of CERH have provided their expertise to support to WHO in the field of environmental health and specifically related to the effects of extreme temperatures on human health. This long term co-operation resulted in a request from WHO to apply for designation as a collaborating center on “Global change, environment and public health”.


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