WHO:n yhteistyökeskus teemalla ”Globaali muutos, ympäristö ja kansanterveys”

Maailman terveysjärjestö (WHO) on valinnut CERH:in yhteistyökeskukseksi teemalla "Globaali muutos, ympäristö ja kansanterveys" toukokuusta 2014 alkaen. WHO Collaborating Centre in Global Change, Environment and Public Health virallinen avajaisjuhla järjestettiin Oulussa 24.10.2014.

Johjaja: Professori Jouni Jaakkola
Varajohtaja: Dosentti Tiina Ikäheimo

Terms of Reference:

  1. To support the WHO Regional Office for Europe in implementing the European Framework for Action on climate change and health in the European and Nordic countries. 
  2. To contribute to the provision of research information to the WHO European Information platform in the research area of global change, environment and public health with special reference to extreme temperatures and other weather-related phenomena. 
  3. To contribute to WHO by providing case studies of regional and county-level multisectoral adaptation strategies and opportunities on extreme weather temperature populations. 
  4. To contribute with outreach and dissemination of information as per request from WHO. 
  5. To train students to continue capacity building on climate change, environment and health 

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