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28.2.2017 News

Professor Jouni Jaakkola received a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation

Professor of public Health Jouni J. K. Jaakkola and his research group have been awarded a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

2.2.2017 News

An article in Scientific Reports: Heart medication decreases the risk of sudden cardiac death during cold spells

According to a new study published in Scientific Reports, the risk of sudden cardiac death was significantly increased during prolonged episodes of cold weather known as cold spells (Odds

20.12.2016 News

An article in Plos ONE: Early respiratory tract infections may expose permanent teeth to caries

Respiratory tract infections in early childhood may increase tooth decay i.e. caries in permanent teeth.  The association was found in a study conducted at the University of Oulu, Finland.

5.9.2016 News

An article in Viruses: A Decrease in Temperature and Humidity Precedes Human Rhinovirus Infections in a Cold Climate

Human rhinovirus (HRV) infections have a dominant role as causative agents in upper respiratory tract infections and pose a significant public health burden in terms of absenteeism from schools and

25.5.2016 News

An article in the Occupational & Environmental Medicine: Prenatal exposure to air pollution heightens the risk of stillbirth: New suggestive evidence

A recent quantitative summary of thirteen studies provides new ‘suggestive evidence’ that exposure to ambient air pollution during pregnancy heightens the risk of stillbirth particularly during the

23.5.2016 News

Arctic Environment, People and Health seminar in Helsinki

Seminar on Arctic challenges

19.5.2016 News

An article in Frontiers in Physiology: Hypertension does not alter the increase in cardiac baroreflex sensitivity caused by moderate cold exposure

Researchers from CERH and their collaborators from the Cardiology Research team, Research Unit of Internal Medicine and Medical Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Finnish Institute of Occupational He

1.2.2016 News

Open position: Postdoctoral Researcher

One postdoctoral position is open at the Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research (CERH), University of Oulu, Finland. Requirements

11.1.2016 News

Cold Spells Increase Mortality Around The World: New Evidence From 4 Continents

A recent study summarizing scientific evidence from 13 countries, 4 continents, concludes that cold spells are associated with increased mortality rates in populations around the world.

2.12.2015 News

Information about how to manage in cold to asylum seekers

CERH organised a lecture about the effects and how to protect oneself in a cold environment to asylum seekers in collaboration with the Finnish Red Cross and Vallinkorva reception

15.9.2015 News

Article in American Journal of Epidemiology: Early respiratory infections predict the development of asthma

Respiratory infections in early childhood have an influence on asthma development through childhood to young adulthood.

3.8.2015 News

Open position / Avoin työpaikka: Tohtorikoulutettava CAD COLD EX -projekti

Ympäristöterveyden ja keuhkosairauksien tutkimuskeskuksessa (CERH) on haettavana tohtorikoulutettavan tehtävä 1.10.2015 alkaen hankkeeseen ”Ympärivuotinen terveysliikunta sydän- ja verisuon

19.5.2015 News

Professor Maritta Jaakkola received the Environmental, Occupational and Population Health John Peters Award from the American Thoracic Society

Professor Maritta Jaakkola showing a photograph of three generations of researchers taken in 2012: The year 2012 John M.

15.5.2015 News

An article in Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) - Global Association of Cold Spells and Adverse Health Effects: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

A recent study by CERH doctoral student Niilo Ryti along with Docent Yuming Guo and Professor Jouni J.K.

17.2.2015 News

Best poster of the Science Day - CERH at the 12th Science Day

CERH staff participated the 12th Science Day of the Kontinkangas Campus on Tuesday February 17th 2015.

2.2.2015 News

CERH at the 12th Science Day of the Faculty of Medicine

CERH staff will participate the 12th Science Day of the Faculty of Medicine on Tuesday February 17th 2015.

4.12.2014 News

An article in Frontiers in Physiology: Impact and management of physiological calibration in spectral analysis of blood pressure variability

Researchers from CERH and their collaborators from Department of Exercise and Medical Physiology (Verve Research) and Department of Computer Science and Engineering (University of Oulu) have publis

4.11.2014 News

CERH Doctoral student Kofi Amegah will defend his thesis November 14, 2014

The first of CERH doctoral students, Adeladza Kofi Amegah (BSc, MSc, MPhil) will defend his doctoral dissertation entitled "Household fuel and garbage combustion, street vending activities and adve

22.10.2014 News

Open lectures about climate change, weather and human health, October 27-29, 2014

The recently established WHO Collaborating Centre in Global Change, Environment and Public Health will start it’s activities with a doctoral training course “Climate Change, Weather and Human Healt

9.10.2014 News

CERH team receives the best article of the year 2013 award at the Faculty of Medicine

Post-doctoral researcher Taina Lajunen, PhD and Professor Jouni Jaakkola and Professor Maritta Jaakkola received the Best Article of the Year 2013 Award at the Faculty of Medicine.

22.8.2014 News

Extended deadline: Doctoral training course CLIMATE CHANGE, WEATHER AND HUMAN HEALTH

Join us for a three day doctoral training in Oulu! Registration deadline extended to the end of August! WHO Collaborating Centre course: