EXTREMA (Extreme Temperature Alerts for Europe)

Project name:
EXTREMA (EXTReme tEMperature Alerts for Europe)

Research consortium, participants:

  1. National Observatory of Athens, Greece (coordinator)

  2. Ethniko Kai Kapodistriako Panepistimio Athinon, Greece

  3. CERH, Oulun yliopisto, Finland

  4. Aratos Systems B.V., Netherlands

  5. Anysolution SL, Spain

  6. Petropoulos Georgios & Co, Greece

  7. Dimos Athinaion Epicheirisi Michanografisis, Greece

  8. Law And Internet Foundation, Bulgaria

CERH EXTREMA research team

Principal investigator:
Professor Jouni Jaakkola, WP Co-Leader, Director of the UOulu team

Other researchers:
Research professor Maritta Jaakkola
Adjunct professor Timo Hugg
Postdoctoral researcher Qianlai Luo

Postdoctoral researcher Niilo Ryti
Research assistant Simo-Pekka Kiihamäki

Research assistant Anton Korpelainen
Project secretary Riitta Aittamaa

Funding period is 24 months between 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2019.

EXTREMA (EXTReme tEMperature Alerts for Europe) is funded by the EU ECHO Union civil protection mechanism grant 2018-2019 (Grant Agreement 783180).

More information:
EXTREMA project website


Last updated: 1.11.2019